Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners

Representing the Rights of Small Rental Property Owners

The Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners is a growing grassroots alliance of community-based “mom and pop” property owners in Los Angeles, California. Together, we advocate for the rights of small rental property owners, educate policy makers and opinion leaders about the challenges small owners face, and work towards equitable solutions for us and our tenants.



The Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners is a growing grassroots alliance of “mom-and-pop” property owners advocating for the rights of small rental housing providers and the viability of the rental housing industry. Our Coalition is made up of mostly black and brown “mom and pop” owners who provide safe housing to renters primarily in the City of Los Angeles. The Coalition formed organically in response to the Los Angeles Eviction Moratorium that went into effect on March 28, 2020 due to COVID-19.  After a telephone conversation between two neighbors who both live and own small properties in South LA, they invited a few of their friends who own rental property in the area to join a virtual meeting via Zoom to discuss the matter further.  The meeting convened during the first week of April 2020 with 7 small property owners, and now the Coalition has a roster of nearly 150 members and counting.

Watch our video below that focuses on how small rental property owners are essential to maintaining affordable housing and wealth building in BIPOC (black indigenous people of color) communities, and highlights the collaborative relationship between “mom and pop” landlords and our renters.


Small property owners are struggling. Every year, the cost to operate rental properties goes up and new responsibilities are placed on property owners by state and local governments. For small mom and pop landlords who own just a handful of units, it can become impossible to bear these costs because we operate on small margins and do not have the scale that corporate owners enjoy. With COVID-19, the situation has reached a boiling point. Many small owners are not receiving rent but still have to pay their mortgages, taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance. It’s an unsustainable situation for too many.

The Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners fights at the state and local level for fair policies for small landlords.


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No on Prop 21 South LA Town Hall

On Thursday, October 8 at 6PM, the Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners presented a Virtual South Los Angeles Town Hall on Proposition 21, the statewide initiative that would allow permanent and extreme regulations on nearly all types of housing including single family homes. It is almost identical to 2018’s Prop 10 which voters rejected. 


Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners